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What's My Style Deluxe Facilitator Set

What's My Style? - Deluxe Facilitator Set

$ 193.50

What’s My Style? starts with a style assessment in which individuals are given 18 pairs of adjectives. With a limit of 5 points, assessment-takers distribute points between the two adjectives in each pair – indicating the degree to which they feel the word describes their behavior. Scoring the assessment reveals a “My Style Profile” and a dominant preference for one or more four personal styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic. Completion of this assessment will require approximately 10 minutes.

If you are planning to use What’s My Style in a classroom training session, we recommend you allow approximately 1 hour for interpretation of style assessment scores, topic discussion, debrief, and action planning. The Facilitator Guide also offers an easy-to-follow workshop outline that expands What’s My Style into a 2-hour program.

What’s My Style is appropriate for anyone to use for both personal and management development. The style assessment can be used as a standalone training assessment, or it can be incorporated into a more comprehensive training program. It makes an effective foundation component for a variety of soft skills training topics, including communication, leadership, team building, and supervisory skills.

If you are familiar with the MBTI or DISC assessments, you will find that What’s My Style is a practical and easy-to-use alternative style assessment

Learning Outcomes

  • Pinpoint one of four style preferences
  • Discover how style affects behavior
  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each style
  • Learn how to interact with different styles

Includes one comprehensive What’s My Style Facilitator Set, one PERSONALITY STYLE AT WORK book, and one PERSONALITY STYLE FOR DUMMIES book. Order one per trainer.

Facilitator Set Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Introduction to What’s My Style
  • Administering What’s My Style
  • Experiential Learning Methodology
  • Theoretical Background
  • Technical Development
  • What’s My Style Workshop
  • Optional Activities
  • Alternative Training Designs
  • Blank Training Outline
  • Related Materials from HRDQ
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Training Evaluation
  • Sample Self Assessment
  • CD-ROM including Reproducible Handouts and PowerPoint Presentation

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