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The Influence Styles Inventory Self Assessment

The Influence Styles Inventory - Self-Assessment

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Do your managers recognize the communication style they use to deal with day-to-day problems? Are they using the best approach? The Influence Styles Inventory underscores for your managers the importance of assertiveness in getting others to do what they want ‐ as an alternative to coming on too strong or backing off.

Teach your managers to use assertiveness more often and more skillfully. The self-scoring instrument consists of 12 brief cases designed to assess three common styles of communication: Passive, Assertive and Aggressive. Each case describes a particular management problem situation in which a manager might try to influence another person. Your managers will select the one or two possible actions they would take if they were in the situation.

In just minutes, they'll learn their own preferred style of influence and eliminate common confusion about how the three styles are different. With the helpful interpretation information and tips on how to develop better assertion skills, they'll be well on their way to a new style of managing people – and getting results.

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