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The Comprehensive Leader Facilitator Set

The Comprehensive Leader - Facilitator Set

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by Laurie Ribble Libove and Eileen Russo

Visionary leaders are inspiring; and, every organization, regardless of size or mission, requires leadership that can manage existing business while motivating and planning toward future growth. The Comprehensive Leader is a 40-item assessment that will help participants to discover their personal leadership style, recognize their potential and understand how to realistically exercise visionary leadership.

Learning Outcomes
  • The Comprehensive Leader will help you:
  • Understand the concept of strategic and visionary leadership,
  • Identify the organizational benefits, and
  • Learn how to put these principles into practice.
Uses for the Product

A variety of leaders will benefit from this training tool, including team or department leaders, middle managers and senior-level contributors and well-respected, influential team members. As with all HRDQ assessments, The Comprehensive Leader is effective as a stand-alone instrument or as a component of a larger training initiative — flexible enough to be used at various stages of a leadership development program.

The instrument can also be used as a complement to other leadership models. Ideas for building bridges between The Model of Comprehensive Leadership and other popular leadership models are presented in the Facilitator Guide. Ideal for any type of workplace setting, from private companies and non-profit organizations to education institutions and governmental agencies.

What to Order

Order one Facilitator Guide per facilitator and one Participant Guide per participant. To provide individuals with comprehensive, personal feedback, order one Feedback Form for up to 5 of the participant’s employees, peers, or managers.

Facilitator Set Table of Contents:
  • Overview and Introduction
  • Origin of The Comprehensive Leader
  • When to Use The Comprehensive Leader
  • Our Model – A New View of Visionary Leadership
  • Dimensions of Leadership
    • Know Yourself and Practice Self-Renewal
    • Know Others and Help Them Grow
    • Know Your Organization and Guard Its Purpose
    • Know the World and Bring it to Your Organization
  • Applying the Model: Leadership Profiles
  • How to Administer The Comprehensive Leader
    • Overview
    • How to Score The Comprehensive Leader
    • How to Process Feedback Results
    • How to Construct Leadership Profiles
    • Taking Action to Continue Learning
    • Commonly Asked Questions
  • Technical Development
  • Sample Training Design
  • Sample Self Assessment 
  • Related Materials from HRDQ
  • About Overhead Transparencies
  • About Reproducible Participant Hand-Outs and Activities
  • References
  • Appendix 1: Transparency Masters
  • Appendix 2: Participant Handout Masters
  • Appendix 3: Activity Masters

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