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Stepping Up Participant Workbook

Stepping Up: A Road Map for New Supervisors - Participant Workbook

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by Dennis Cavendish, Miki Lane, Marilynne Malkin, and Wendy Shanken

Stepping Up is a management development training program for new supervisors, managers, and leaders. The program offers a basic understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and expectations required to be successful, and it guides supervisors in developing an actionable plan for personal growth.
Statistics show that only 60% of new supervisors are successful. So what happens to the other 40%? They’re either fired for lack of performance or step down from the position voluntarily. Problem is, not many new or aspiring supervisors have any idea of what is expected of them – or what it takes to lead others. So how can you as a trainer improve the odds of success?

Stepping Up provides new supervisors with an accurate picture of what it truly means to be a supervisor. This one-day workshop takes a different angle than most supervisory training programs. Rather than focusing on typical day-to-day tasks such as planning, budgeting, and problem solving, Stepping Up targets people skills as the foundation for success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the scope of the supervisory role
  • Develop the skills that are required to be a supervisor
  • Learn what principles are needed to build credibility
  • Discover the real-life concerns, challenges, and pitfalls of being a supervisor
  • Create an action-oriented decision-making performance model

Theory and Development

Stepping Up is based on three decades of professional contacts with supervisors. Over the years, the authors interviewed and job-shadowed countless numbers of supervisors in their own work environments in all industry sectors. The interviews had a common message that led the authors to two important conclusions. First, much of the success of organizations can be directly linked to the efforts of first-line supervisors. And second, organizational success is dependent upon supervisors possessing the right skill-set, mind-set, and commitment to excellence. Stepping Up was designed with this research and conclusions in mind.

What to Order

You will need to order a Facilitator Guide per trainer, plus one Participant Workbook for each individual learner.

Participant Workbook Table of Contents:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: The Role of the Supervisor
  • Module 3: The Challenges You Face as a New Supervisor
  • Module 4: Taking the First Step
  • Module 5: Performance Components
  • Module 6: Provide Clear Expectations: ?I Know?
  • Module 7: Enhance Ability: ?I Can?
  • Module 8: Promote Engagement: ?I Want To?
  • Module 9: Supervisory Competencies
  • Module 10: Your Personalized Road Map
  • Appendix 1: Development Worksheets
  • Appendix 2: Development Strategies
  • Bibliography

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