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Remarkable Performance Development - Workbook

Remarkable Performance Development - Workbook

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Remarkable Performance Development: Making Performance Management Really Work

by Kevin Eikenberry and Steve Johnston

Most organizations today recognize that performance management is a maligned process. All-too-often do we hear employees complain that the annual review is stressful and the feedback vague, leaving them with no clear direction on how to perform better. And they're not alone. Supervisors alike do not favor the process either, commonly stating there is little time to complete reviews, that the process is uncomfortable and the forms are difficult to use.

Some organizations have tested and adopted new processes, but most, in the end, limp along, knowing they want to make the performance management process better, but lack the resources and political capital to change it.

The good news is that the ideas and practices shared in this program are applicable no matter your organization's current approach. The tools and techniques provided allow leaders to make significant and important change within the confines of existing systems, offering ways to implement a proven and reliable process for ongoing, improved performance that has real results. Remarkable Performance Development is the foundation to changing the mindset, language and most importantly behaviors of leaders so that real performance development can occur whatever the current or future performance management process might be in your organization.

Order 1 Workbook per participant.

Because of the interactive nature of the workshop and workbook, we strongly recommend one Workbook for each person in the workshop. The Workbook deepens participants' understanding of the concepts and ideas in the workshop and allows each participant to practice the skills being learned. The Workbook also provides access to additional content available online, only for purchasers of this training. This private online content includes: relevant articles, checklists, tools, digital versions of worksheets used in the workshop, copies of the videos used in the workshop.

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