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Reality-Based Leadership - Participant Workbook

Reality-Based Leadership - Participant Workbook

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by Cy Wakeman

Based on Cy Wakeman’s popular book Reality-Based Leadership, this workshop conveys her candid, humorous approach to organizational dynamics. The Reality-Based Leadership model challenges traditional practices and conventional wisdoms in leadership and focuses on Five Core Competencies: Reality-Based Thinking, Organizational Alignment, Capitalizing on Change, Driving Results, and Accountability.

This Workbook provides exercises and information that walks participants through the stages of the workshop and imbues them with the values and techniques for being reality-based leaders.
  • Companion to the Reality-Based Leadership Workshop
  • Helps participants understand the principles of Reality-Based Leadership and focus on Five Core Competencies: Reality-Based ThinkingOrganizational AlignmentCapitalizing on ChangeDriving Results, and Accountability.
  • Conveys strategies for bolstering one's ability to lead grounded in reality
  • Enables participants to develop an action plan for leveraging leadership efforts to create an environment of peace, sanity, and results in the workplace
As a result of the sessions, and the guidance offered by the Participant Workbook, leaders will return to their workplaces equipped with a facts-based, confident approach, able to free themselves from the frustrations they face at work and transform themselves into a Reality-Based Leader, with the ability to liberate and inspire others.

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