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Reality-Based Leadership Facilitator Guide

Reality-Based Leadership - Facilitator Set

$ 240.00
by Cy Wakeman

Based on Cy Wakeman’s popular book Reality-Based Leadership, this workshop conveys her candid, humorous approach to organizational dynamics. The Reality-Based Leadership model challenges traditional practices and conventional wisdoms in leadership and focuses on Five Core Competencies: Reality-Based Thinking, Organizational Alignment, Capitalizing on Change, Driving Results, and Accountability.

This Facilitator's Guide provides everything a facilitator needs to take participants through the Reality-Based Leadership program and prepare them to return to their workplaces equipped with the facts-based, confident approach of a Reality-Based Leader, capable of liberating and inspiring others.

Purchase one facilitator set per instructor and for each participant, one self-assessment and one workbook. Hardover book serves as a great resource.

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