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Personality At Work Core Assessment

Personality Style at Work

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Sophisticated Design — Simple Language — Profound Results
by Derek T. Y. Mann, Ph.D. and Martin Delahoussaye

A cursory internet search will reveal dozens of assessments and instruments for helping people understand the fundamental traits and characteristics of their personality. Indeed, the continued and widespread use of personality assessments stresses their significance as tools for learning and development. While knowing your personality is important—it's also just one piece of the development puzzle. Assessments that spell out a little more than a horoscope of traits and tendencies or a maze of acronyms and labels do not effect lasting change. It is important to learn how to put that knowledge to use in order to form a complete picture of yourself—results that lead to this level of perception call for precise and refined self-evaluation.

Personality Style at Work (PSAW) is HRDQ's latest and most statistically accurate assessment. It's a simple, but highly effective tool that measures both the core behaviors that make-up an individual's style and the lens through which they choose to navigate their world.

At the foundation of each of the four personality styles—Direct, Considerate, Spirited, and Systematic—is a set of three drivers that guide our actions, decisions, and general life approach. Delving even deeper into the framework of personality is a look at the lens of expressiveness and assertiveness—the learned behaviors that we use as a means of coping with the demands and expectations placed upon us and which help to explain how we can appear to have one personality at work and another in our personal life.

Personality Style at Work Model

PSAW includes a detailed, and highly personalized, feedback report, the Core Profile, which indicates an individual's primary personality style, strength of preference for using each of the drivers associated with their style, and strength of preference for using the assertive and expressive behaviors.

Lacking the complicated code at the basis of other personality-focused assessments, PSAW'S simplistic language and presentation make it easy for participants to retain the knowledge of their style and to use that knowledge to better understand their strengths and to highlight and pinpoint areas for development.

How it Works:
Personality Style at Work is accessible through HRDQ's online assessment portal (account required). The assessment takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete. Individuals respond to 94 different items designed to help them identify their behavioral preferences, shedding light on how they react to and interact with the world around them. Most statements ask them to respond by indicating the frequency with which they approach, think about, or act in the way described. Each response is scored and used to generate a Core Profile identifying an individual's personality style and the implications of this style when completing tasks, working with others, and most importantly, how others are to likely see them. Included in the Core Profile are numerous tips and techniques for building rapport, and optimizing relationships and interactions with other styles. The report concludes with a section on using the information in PSAW to create a personal action and development plan.

A separate core profile plus coaching report is also available for those that would like additional help in guiding the participants through the process of interpreting and understanding their results in greater depth. It is presented in the form of a detailed PDF and customized for each individual client. The report contains feedback and questions for the coach that help drive the client/coach discussion.

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify a preference for one of four primary personality styles.
  • Reveal the degree to which you practice the three drivers or motivators of each style.
  • Discover the effects of assertiveness and expressiveness on your style.
  • Learn the core preferences and behaviors of all four styles
  • Understand how to flex or adapt your style to meet the preferences of others.

Personality Style at Work is, at its core, a developmental tool and is suitable for anyone interested in understanding how their behaviors affect their own performance and interactions with others. As such it has applications in leadership development, management and supervisory training, team culture, team building, communication, and career development.

Time Required: 10 - 15 minutes to take the assessment

Assessment Contents

Core Profile

  • Personalized, Full-color Report
  • Your Core Profile
  • Four Personality Styles
  • Dimensions of Style: Assertiveness and Expressiveness
  • Drivers of Style
  • Your Personality Style Preferences
  • Interacting with Other Personality Styles
  • Applying What You've Learned

Coaching Report, an ancillary document to the Core Profile containing not only the above results, but also:

  • Feedback on all drivers and dimensions of the dominant style that includes a rating of green (supporting), orange (possible opportunity or potential issue), and red (emerging or existing trouble spot) for each driver and dimension
  • Questions to help you engage your client, build rapport, and move the conversation beyond the feedback

Additional Information Available:

  • Personality At Work Info Kit - free
  • Personality At Work - Sample Online Report - free
  • Personality At Work - Sample Coaching Report - free

(Place an order for these free information packets and the samples will be emailed to you.)

Personality Style at Work: Technical Manual - learn the details of validation and administration of this tool.

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