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Negotiating Style Profile 180 Feedback Form

Negotiating Style Profile 180 Feedback Form

$ 7.50

The Negotiating Style Profile self-assessment presents individuals with 30 statements. Their task is to choose one of seven possible responses, ranging from Completely Characteristic to Completely Uncharacteristic. Scores reveal a preference for one of five negotiation styles: Defeating, Accommodating, Collaborating, Withdrawing, or Compromising.

The Negotiating Style Profile also offers a 180° feedback component that enables individuals to see how they are perceived by their peers. Combining the results of the self-assessment and the feedback provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of their natural tendencies as well as a starting point for improvement. Both pieces take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and we recommend you allow approximately one hour for the interpretation of results, debrief, and goal setting.

Includes one Negotiating Style Profile 180 Feedback Form in print format. We recommend purchasing three per individual learner.


  • Hard Copy Workbook - order at least 3 for each participant for classroom activities.
  • Digital - to complete feedback on-line, select the Negotiating Style Profile from relevant products and order the report with feedback.

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