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Mars Rover Challenge Leadership Game Kit

Mars Rover Challenge - Leadership Game Kit

$ 734.50

Mars Rover Challenge provides a powerful, unique hands-on experience that allows participants to connect with the concept of collaboration at a deep and personal level. Participants are immersed in a team construction activity, whereby they are tasked by the World Space Agency to build a prototype rover for traversing Mars’ rocky terrain.

The Leadership version is designed to help individuals become more effective leaders by allowing them to experience the differences between three contrasting styles of leadership—traditional (command-and-control), passive, and collaborative.

The program is ideal for new and seasoned leaders as it provides them with a hands-on way to explore the three styles in depth and assess their advantages/disadvantages. This version introduces basic concepts such as communication, influence, and change management.

How it Works

In the Leadership version, participants work in teams to construct a rover, led by team member who (unknown to the rest of the team) adopts the traits of one of three contrasting leadership styles—traditional, passive, or collaborative. Each of the three styles engenders very different feelings and emotions among team members. And together, they provide a very real demonstration of the effects different styles can have on morale, motivation, and performance.

The Leadership Game Kit includes all of the required components to facilitate the game, as well as an initial supply of workbooks for up to 18 participants.

For sessions with more than 3 teams, you may order an extra team pack.

All components except for the participant workbooks are reusable – although, additional workbooks can be individually purchased.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand three prevalent leadership styles at play in the workplace and how they affect team performance.
  • Explore why Collaborative leadership is the best approach for long-term success.
  • Create an individual plan to lead more collaboratively.

Time Required:
Approx. 4 hours 10 minutes

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Facilitator Guide in a Binder
  • 3 Game Parts Bags with K’NEX® Pieces
  • 1 Clear Plastic Wallet with Extra K'NEX® Pieces
  • 18 Workbooks
  • 3 Blueprints
  • 6 Price Lists
  • 1 Set of 3 Now of Never Cards
  • 1 Set of 3 Leader Role Cards
  • 1 Set of 3 Team Color Cards
  • 1 Poster
  • 19 HRDQue Cards
  • 1 Tote Bag

Versions of Game:

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