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Managing People

Managing People - DVD

$ 169.00

Duration: 29 minutes

Use this management training video to learn how a "people-first" approach can increase loyalty, retention, and productivity in your workforce.

As a manager, the productivity of your workforce is a primary responsibility. And a major source of productivity is employee satisfaction. Highly motivated employees achieve exceptional results, while unhappy employees either perform poorly or eventually move on, causing disruption and costly turnover. Therefore, one of the most important questions you face is, "How can I help my people to grow and develop?"

Learn how the best managers…

* Clear the obstacles, and provide the support needed to get the job done.
* Isolate and measure the "key drivers" (you always get more of what you'recognize).
* See What's right with people, rather than What's wrong (as you celebrate, you achieve).

This management training video reminds you that motivation doesn't just come from money or prestige. More than that, we all want to do meaningful work, and we all want to achieve. You can line up your employees for success by figuring out what They're naturally best at, and then giving them a chance to do more of that.

Effective management is concerned with the goals of the workforce as well as the goals of the organization. When you demonstrate your commitment to improving the lives of the people you manage, they will demonstrate a commitment to you and to meeting the expectations you set for them.

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