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Learning Tactics Inventory Participant Workbook

Learning Tactics Inventory - Participant Guide

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What is the Learning Tactics Inventory?

There is widespread consensus that people learn critical management and leadership skills from the naturally occurring experiences of the workplace — challenging assignments, coaches, role models and even hardships. However, all individuals do not learn equally well from these experiences, and some individuals even resist or avoid unfamiliar opportunities. The Learning Tactics Inventory is designed for individuals who wish to become better at learning from experience.

What does the Learning Tactics Inventory assess?

The Learning Tactics Inventory addresses two questions associated with the practice of learning managerial and leadership skills:

  • Why do some people learn from the opportunities of the workplace, while others fail?
  • Can individuals improve their ability to learn from experience?

The benefits of using the Learning Tactics Inventory:

Self-score tool; easy to administer and understand

  • Summarizes the participant’s preferred learning patterns
  • Identifies tactics to avoid given the learning situation
  • Recognizes how a person’s patterns may cause him or her to misuse or avoid particular work-based challenges
  • Provides a framework to adopt new learning behaviors
  • Places the focus on learning goals rather than performance


  • Standard Set - Includes Learning Tactics Inventory Participant Workbook and Survey
  • Deluxe Set - Includes Learning Tactics Inventory Participant Workbook, Survey and a More Versatile Leader Book

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