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Leadership and Self-Deception

Leadership and Self-Deception - DVD

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Duration: 16 minutes


  • Helps people gain insight into self-deception
  • Creates self-aware leaders
  • Enhances problem-solving skills

Would you be surprised to learn that'self-deception is the #1 obstacle to organizational effectiveness?... It's true... Also true is that reducing self-deception may be the single most important step your organization can take toward improving workplace relationships and increasing productivity. This thought-provoking training program, based on the best-selling book, shows how.

In the workplace, some problems tend to surface time and time again. And most of the time, the reason these problems aren't solved once and for all is that the people at the root of the problem don't see the role they play in perpetuating it. The phenomenon is called self-deception, and It's more prevalent than you might think.

This training workshop illustrates self-deception and its solutions through a combination of video and workshop exercises:

  • The video piece, which re-enacts the true story of 18th Century physician Ignaz Semmelweis, causes people to think about our human tendency to look elsewhere for the cause of our problems.
  • The workshop helps trainees discuss the video and apply the concept to their work lives. It provides tools for analyzing and solving problems at their core.

Participants learn that:

  • Most – if not all – "people problems" (poor communication, lack of teamwork, unresolved conflict...) share a common root: self-deception.
  • The very people involved in resolving a given problem may contribute to it, and even help spread it.
  • The solution to a problem always begins with them.

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