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Job Challenge Profile Facilitator SEt

Job Challenge Profile - Facilitator Guide

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What is the Job Challenge Profile?

Most people learn a great deal from actual work experiences; handling the tasks, responsibilities and pressures that come from each job assignment. However, there may be times when managers and leaders feel overburdened by challenging job tasks, struggle through projects and avoid additional responsibilities which might prove enriching. It can often mean they are unsatisfied and their job performance may suffer as a result.

The Job Challenge Profile (JCP) is a self-assessment that will gauge workplace challenges and highlights prime learning experiences. This profile can show you or your employees how to seek, challenge and develop the valuable skills needed within one's professional life.

What does the Job Challenge Profile assess?

There are five clusters of job components that represent major aspects of managerial work:

  • Experiencing a job transition
  • Creating change
  • Managing high levels of responsibility
  • Managing boundaries
  • Dealing with diversity

The benefits of using the Job Challenge Profile:

  • Versatile: can be administered to mangers and leaders at all levels and organization types
  • Quick, easy to understand and administer
  • Comprehensive Facilitator's Guide

The Job Challenge Facilitator's Guide Package includes everything a facilitator needs to administer the Job Challenge Survey, a tool to help leaders understand and use their job assignments as opportunities to develop valuable skills. The package includes a copy of the Job Challenge Profile Facilitator's Guide, Job Challenge Survey and the Job Challenge Profile Participant Workbook.

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