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Interpersonal Influence Inventory Facilitator Set

Interpersonal Influence Inventory - Facilitator Set

$ 187.75

4th Edition by Rollin Glaser, EdD

Interpersonal Influence & Communication Skills in the Workplace

Maybe you were born with it. Or maybe it was learned.

Influence is a daily part of everyday work life, from resolving misunderstandings with colleagues to negotiating complex deals and leading project teams. And while there are several different styles of interpersonal influence, research shows that assertive behavior has the greatest impact on individual success and organizational performance.

The good news is that influence is a learned skill. With the right training, some self-discovery, and a healthy dose of practice, people can develop their ability to be assertive. The Interpersonal Influence Inventory is an eye-opening learning tool that reveals a preference for one of four dominant styles: Openly Aggressive Behavior, Concealed Aggressive Behavior, Passive Behavior, or Assertive Behavior.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify their preference for one of 4 personal influence styles: Passive, Assertive, Openly Aggressive, or Concealed Aggressive
  • Learn why assertive behavior is the one style that always yields positive results
  • Understand how other influence styles can hamper interpersonal communication
  • Discover the behavioral cues that signal each style

Includes: One comprehensive Interpersonal Influence Inventory Facilitator Set.  Order one per trainer.

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