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Internal Customer Services Assessment Facilitator Guide

Internal Customer Service Assessment - Facilitator Set

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by Eileen Russo

How well are you meeting the challenges of providing service within your organization? Because internal service providers have a bond with their customers that external vendors simply do not share, they need to judge their behavior by a new standard.

Unlike any other assessment on the market today, the Internal Customer Service Assessment illustrates the real differences between internal and external service. This 30-item assessment is designed to help internal service providers evaluate how well they are practicing the behaviors that constitute excellent internal service — and then assists them through action planning to improve those behaviors.

Learning Outcomes
  • Evaluate how well an individual meets the challenges of providing service within the organization
  • Learn which behaviors are effective in improving internal service
  • Develop more effective service behaviors

How It Works

The assessment presents 30 statements about customer service. Individuals transfer their assessment scores to a chart, creating an Internal Customer Service Profile. This visual profile depicts strengths and areas of improvement in each of the 6 dimensions of internal service. The Participant Guides provide for both individual and group action planning and discussion.


The Internal Customer Service Assessment is based on relevant internal service literature and consulting experience. At the center of the assessment, the Internal Customer Service Model combines both aspects of the internal service provider’s job. The Model illustrates the dual focus on what is happening both inside and outside the organization.

Uses for the Internal Customer Service Assessment
Internal Customer Service Assessment can be used in formalized training sessions or in informal group discussions.

Use the Assessment as:

  • Part of an employee orientation program for internal service providers
  • A discussion starter for internal service groups
  • The basis of a training program for internal service
  • An action-planning tool for service groups
  • A planning tool for internal service groups whose service ratings are low

Facilitator Set Includes:

  • Overview and Introduction
  • Development of the Assessment
  • When to Use the ICSA
  • Theoretical Background
  • A Model of Internal Service
  • Administration Guidelines
  • Sample Training Design
  • Related Materials
  • Technical Development
  • About the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • About the Participant Handout Masters
  • References
  • Participant Handout Masters

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