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Communication Derailed Extra Game Pack

Communication Derailed - Extra Game Parts

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2nd Edition by Eileen Russo and Chris Bayley Giblin

New systems, organizational changes and productivity demands are realities in today’s workplace and to effectively meet these challenges, positive communication is a must. Communication Derailed is a powerful, fast-paced simulation game that will help you to proactively equip your people with the skills they need to become good communicators. This hands-on activity tackles three typical communication challenges: communication within a team, between teams and during organizational stress. Three comprehensive, self-contained modules provide the necessary framework to conduct independent training workshops or a series of sessions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize how poor communication can damage an organization
  • Understand how to handle unique communication problems
  • Learn how to improve communication skills
  • Create a personal action plan

Working as employees of a toy manufacturing company, teams are charged with building new prototypes using fun, colorful parts. But the hands-on tasks become difficult when they are presented with obstacles that challenge their communication skills. Through the experience of working together and with the help of the facilitator, participants learn how to overcome these problems to improve their performance through effective communication.

Additional Product: Full Game Kit with Facilitation Guide

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