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Communicating Non-Defensively

Communicating Non-Defensively - DVD

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Duration: 19 Minutes

Have you ever expressed an opinion that led others to become defensive or hostile – even if you didn't mean it personally? Many people have reasons for believing They're being attacked. Defensive behavior can lead to hurt feelings, arguments, and hostilities, often affecting a variety of relationships. The Defensiveness Chain that is created impairs communication and reduces productivity. Communicating Non-Defensively shows five essential skills that promote a productive work environment.

Viewers gain a clear understanding of why all people are naturally defensive, as well as learn the symptoms and consequences of inappropriate defensiveness. This video shows that we all must be responsible for how we deliver and receive messages. Communicating Non-Defensively shows how to disengage from a defensive position, how to empathize and disarm a defensive person, how to inquire and focus on the issues, how to disclose one's own needs and goals non-defensively, and how to depersonalize the issues.

Communicating Non-Defensively reminds viewers that when comments and opinions get passed around that are potentially defensive the focus should be on behavioral patterns, so the receiver has less reason to receive it personally.

Participants will learn to:

  • Express themselves openly and effectively
  • Shift away from the defensive
  • Guide others toward better communication

DVD plus Downloadable Materials
Downloadable Materials:
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