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Coaching Skills Inventory - Self-Assessment

Coaching Skills Inventory - Self-Assessment

$ 18.75

3rd Edition by Kenneth Phillips

Skilled managers know that the first step to effective coaching is to establish a rapport based on mutual trust. It's the foundation of healthy manager-employee relationships and the key to growth and performance. But that's only the first step. To ensure a truly productive coaching meeting, managers need to follow a seven-step process:

  • Building a Relationship of Mutual Trust
  • Opening the Meeting
  • Getting Agreement
  • Exploring Alternatives
  • Getting a Commitment to Act
  • Handling Excuses
  • Closing the Meeting

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the skills needed for effective coaching meetings.
  • Compare skill levels with a normative group of managers from a wide range of industries.
  • Acquaint managers, supervisors, and team leaders with a seven-step model for effective coaching meetings.
  • Help employees to improve their performance through effective performance coaching meetings.
  • Measure the development of coaching skills pre- and post-training.

Includes: 1 print assessment. Order one Self Assessment for each individual.

Self Assessment Table of Contents:

  • Assessment
  • Pressure-sensitive response form
  • Interpretive information
  • Action planning

Format: Hard Copy Assessment

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