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Breakthrough Creativity Profile - Participant Self-Assessment

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New from creativity expert Dr. Lynne Levesque, the Breakthrough Creativity Profile, Second Edition, is the tool you need to uncover creative talents in the workplace. Based on Carl Jung's well-known personality theory, this learning instrument identifies dominant and auxiliary preferences from eight creative styles: Adventurer, Diplomat, Explorer, Inventor, Navigator, Pilot, Poet, and Visionary.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand creativity and the impact of creative talent differences
  • Identify one's creative talents and recognize the contributions of each style
  • Improve problem-solving and inventive thinking capabilities
  • Assess team member creative talents and construct a team profile
  • Create an action plan for individuals and teams to become more creative

Purchase one per individual. 

Includes one Breakthrough Creativity Profile print self-assessment. This self-assessment participant guide is a 60-page workbook full of practical tools and three workshops. Combines self-assessment with classroom training to help both individuals and teams improve their creative problem-solving skills, develop the ability to be inventive, become more productive, and achieve their creative best.
  • 16-item inventory with pressure-sensitive scoring
  • Part 1: The Breakthrough Creativity Profile Workshop
  • Part 2: Breakthrough Creativity Team Profile Workshop
  • Part 3: Breakthrough Creativity Problem Solving Workshop
Also Features
  • Creativity and Eight Creative Talents Exercise
  • Five Steps of the Creative Problem-Solving Process
  • Creative Problem-Solving Exercises
  • Action Planning

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