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Accountability Toolkit Government Version

Accountability Toolkit - Government Version - DVD

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Duration: 47 Minutes


  • Supports government accountability initiatives by modeling 9 principles of personal responsibility
  • Improves efficiency by emphasizing the importance of clear communication, goal setting and follow-through
  • Stretches training budgets by providing a library of video clips that can be used in different applications

What makes a government agency accountable? It is a willingness to be answerable and accessible to the public. And while the specifics of an accountability initiative can vary from one agency to the next, all have one thing in common: Everyone — from the top down — must demonstrate personal responsibility and integrity.

Designed specifically for government training, the 9 categories in this Toolkit, containing a total of 35 video clips, will help you demonstrate what it looks like when people hold themselves, each other and the organization accountable for keeping commitments and achieving results. It only includes clips that are set in a government agency or take place in a "generic work environment" that could be a government facility.

  • Take Ownership & Keep Commitments – When accepting responsibility for a task or project, take full ownership and do what you say you're going to do. For clarity, set deadlines – then keep them.
  • Be Proactive – Take the initiative in seeking improvements to processes and practices. Work to improve your own skills, and influence others toward improvement.
  • Communicate With Clarity & Set Measurable Goals – Accountability for results begins with clear directions, clear agreements and places responsibility on both parties for clarification.
  • Be Ethical – Know What's right-by law, by policy, by procedure, by best professional practice--and act accordingly. Make decisions for the best outcome when two "rights" conflict.
  • Be a Problem Solver – Apply your own experience and knowledge to every problem. With this mindset, you'll plan and take action towards a solution, rather than waiting for others to get things started.
  • Serve Public Professionally – Give your best effort to the public and co-workers. Know the technical and procedural aspects of your work and bring a positive attitude to the service you provide.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Speak Up – Know what you need and what you deserve. In a professional manner, let others know it too. Those you work with and for may not realize when their actions are getting in the way.
  • Accept Feedback and Learn From Mistakes – Learning and changing direction happen quickly and frequently in an accountable environment. Listen non-defensively and give proper consideration.
  • Supervising and Managing an Accountable Workforce – Often held accountable for the work of others, managers and supervisors must first model accountable behaviors, then learn to require it from subordinates.

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