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Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus is a tightly integrated, all-in-one customer engagement suite

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Zoho CRM Plus integrates:

  • Zoho CRM - Customer Resource Management Software
  • Zoho Sales IQ - Track website visitors, engage and provide on-line chat
  • Zoho Campaigns - Manage your email marketing and social marketing in place
  • Zoho Social - Manage, schedule and response to your social network insights
  • Zoho Desk - provide a comprehensive customer service and support center for your products
  • Zoho Projects - keep your team projects moving forward with this comprehensive tool
  • Zoho Surveys - get feedback from customers, vendors and staff
  • Zoho Motivator - Motivate your sales staff with contest and goals
  • Zoho Reports - Analyze your data and activities 

CRM Plus

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Haply recommends the Zoho CRM Plus Suite because of its wealth of features, support and ease of use.