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Haply is thrilled to receive these kind words from our customers:

"Steve has been beyond wonderful to work with on the launch of our new LMS. He is extremely accessible, knowledgeable, patient, and kind. Steve’s experience in the learning and development space is evident in all his recommendations and interactions. He is professional and flexible in working with all stakeholders on our team and tactfully teaches for future troubleshooting. I appreciate everything he has done to make online learning a success for our company. I would recommend Steve and Haply to a colleague or friend with extreme confidence!"

- Christina Thomas, Director of Operations at Center for Performance Learning


"Steve Grote receives five stars from my business for this reason: Professionally I am committed to the concept of experiential learning. I'm not interested in uploading information, have students memorize facts and pass their exams. I deeply appreciate working with Steve because he clearly is himself an experienced trainer. So he wears two hats, both as a technical expert, but also as an excellent communicator who demonstrates patience with those, like myself, who glaze over when faced with complex technical details. You'll find the site is user friendly, and Steve responds quickly with clear explanations to support your students, your clients, and you. He serves each extremely well."

- Molly Gibbs, Molly Gibbs and Associates