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White Out

by Stephanie McBrier Hannett

There's one reason why training simulations are a popular choice for team development training: they work. That's because they're an effective way to introduce the concept of synergy and help team members quickly develop vital group-process skills such as consensus decision making, problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution in a nonthreatening learning environment.

Each adventure simulation in HRDQ's Team Adventure Series starts with a suspense-filled scenario that challenges teams to work together to escape danger with only limited resources - and each other. While most people can rest assured knowing they'll never encounter these survival situations, they do experience the similar feelings of stress and conflict that accompany everyday organizational life.

The Whiteout Scenario

Selected to pilot a new team-building initiative, a work group sets off on a dog-sledding adventure through the wilds of Alaska. While this would normally be an opportunity of a lifetime, the team has been struggling with interpersonal conflicts and frequent disagreements. The trip starts out bright and beautiful, but unexpectedly, the team encounters a horrendous blizzard. And then disaster strikes. One of the sleds - including the driver, guide, and dogs - crashes through the ice into shoulder-deep water. While the dogs escape unharmed, the driver and guide are left hypothermic and semiconscious. Now it's up to the team to put aside their differences and work together to save the injured and rescue themselves.