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The Style Series

The Style SeriesTM is published by HRDQ. 

Personality plays an important role in all facets of organizational life. It determines
how people communicate, act as leaders, and get along with others. It also drives
career choices, performance track records, and organizational culture—just to
name a few.

But, understanding the ins and outs of personality takes more than intuition and gut
instinct alone. It takes insight, knowledge, and the ability to know how to use it.
Welcome to the HRDQ Style Series,™ a full line of easy-to-use personality-style
training solutions that shed light on key aspects of organizational life, from
communication and leadership to team building, sales, time management, coaching,
and more.

The HRDQ Style Series is an excellent way to introduce personality style and to help
others understand why people act the way they do. Your audience will discover
things they never knew about themselves; and they’ll learn how to use personality
to improve their performance, build rapport with others, and achieve
greater success on the job.

HRDQ Style Model

HRDQ Style Model

The result of years of research, development, and proven theory, the HRDQ Style Model is the backbone of every Style Series training solution. It’s the formula thousands of individuals have relied upon to understand what makes not only them — but those
around them — tick.

The power behind the HRDQ Style Series lies behind a simple, but effective, model. Based on William Marston’s theory, the style model defines personal style in four terms: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic—each a combination of two dimensions,
assertiveness and expressiveness