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The Happiness Factory

by Kate Ward

Workplace happiness is no doubt a business advantage. A growing body of statistical research supports both the tangible and intangible benefits of a positive work environment from financial gain to better overall job performance. Though happiness and engagement are often used interchangeably, research tells us there is a clear distinction between the two concepts. In fact, most agree that engagement is a prerequisite to happiness.Without nurturing a greater commitment to the organization, happiness cannot be accessible.

The Happiness Factory takes the concept of a manufacturing facility and uses it as an analogy for the production of happiness. Participants move through a series of factory "stations" including a reception area, break room, factory floor, supervisor's office, and executive suite–each metaphorically representing a facet of the workplace where organizations can foster the conditions that lead to increased levels of engagement (and ultimately, happiness). Participants explore the importance of a successful onboarding experience and building a connection to the organizational culture that includes creating a better alignment to personal values. They examine how to redesign tasks, responsibilities and physical working conditions to support greater job fulfillment and discover the behaviors that supervisors and senior leadership can exhibit to build organizational trust.

This workshop is designed to create a fun and stimulating environment. Each station or module begins with a look at the supporting statistical research that reveals the connection to employee engagement and happiness. Participants then partake in various group and individual activities that prompt thinking and engagement around the topic, allowing them to leave with a clear understanding of the theory behind happiness at work, as well as specific and realistic strategies they can take to cultivate it.