Performance Improvement shouldn't happen by chance.
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The Great Workplace

Michael Burchell Ed.D. and Jennifer Robin Ph.D.

Research proves it. The "best companies to work for" are more productive and more profitable than their stock market peers. But a great workplace is not something that can be achieved in a quarter, or even a year. For a great workplace to exist, employees must trust the organization implicitly, take pride in what they do, and be inspired to achieve superior performance. And that requires a different breed of leadership - leaders who know how to instill and reinforce these beliefs in every communication, every decision, and every interaction. It requires leaders who realize that how they do what they do makes a world of difference to employees.

The Great Workplace: Building Trust and Inspiring Performance is a combination assessment and workshop that's designed to increase employee productivity and boost performance. Based on more than 25 years of research conducted at the Great Place to Work Institute - the producers of the "Fortune" 100 Best Companies to Work For Annual List - this training package is packed with accessible and indispensable ideas, inspiration, and actionable plans for creating great workplaces.