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The Bottomline on ROI

by Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., and Patti P. Phillips, Ph.D.

Training professionals everywhere are under pressure to prove the value of their efforts. Because if they can't, management buy-in, budgetary support, and even their jobs are at risk. After all, learning and development programs don't come cheap. But is it really possible to put hard numbers on the impact of training, especially the more nebulous soft-skills topics such as leadership development? Using the Phillips ROI Methodology, it most certainly is - and it isn't as difficult or overwhelming as one may think.

Created by world-renowned experts and founders of the ROI Institute, Drs. Jack Phillips and Patti Phillips, The Bottomline on ROI Workshop simplifies the process of connecting HR, learning, and performance improvement programs and projects to measurable outcomes in a clear, precise, and logical way. Guiding principles, real-world case studies, skill-development exercises, and implementation strategies help both novice and seasoned training professionals to evaluate and report results with confidence.

Combining the Phillips ROI Methodology process with the demand for an in-house training solution, we've packaged the learning into a flexible workshop that can be delivered as a half-day overview, one-day program, or a comprehensive two-day experience. And now this training resource - using the same approach that has helped thousands of organizations to implement an effective ROI strategy - is available to you, exclusively through HRDQ.