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Strategic Leadership Type Indicator - 2nd Edition

by Alexander Hiam

The Strategic Leadership Type Indicator (SLTI) is fast becoming the new standard for a four-quadrant type supervisory leadership assessment. Trainers appreciate its simplicity combined with ample support materials but without burdensome certification requirements. Supervisors and managers like the emphasis on teaching the appropriate use of four different management styles, particularly the coaching style widely considered the most flexible and motivative supervision technique in wide use today.

The SLTI assessment is particularly important for supervisors or managers new to the people management role. These professionals will experience a wide range of new responsibilities and challenges and have severely limited time to absorb it all and be successful with these new challenges. SLTI offers a prescriptive approach to people management that aligns productivity concerns perfectly with the time consuming realities of supervising and managing people.

The SLTI products offered here include the companion Facilitator's and Participant Guide along with the Self-Assessment administer the SLTI to an individual or group. Quantity discounts are available for participant materials.