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Stepping Up: A Road Map for New Supervisors

by Dennis Cavendish, Miki Lane, Marilynne Malkin, and Wendy Shanken

Stepping Up is a management development training program for new supervisors, managers, and leaders. The program offers a basic understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and expectations required to be successful, and it guides supervisors in developing an actionable plan for personal growth.

Statistics show that only 60 percent of new supervisors are successful. So what happens to the other 40 percent? They're either fired for lack of performance or step down from the position voluntarily. Problem is, not many new or aspiring supervisors have any idea of what is expected of them – or what it takes to lead others. So how can you as a trainer improve the odds of success?

Stepping Up provides new supervisors with an accurate picture of what it truly means to be a supervisor. This one-day workshop takes a different angle than most supervisory training programs. Rather than focusing on typical day-to-day tasks such as planning, budgeting, and problem solving, Stepping Up targets people skills as the foundation for success.