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The Vacation in the Keys

Vacation In the Keys - Starter Kit

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by Christine Glaser and Rollin Glaser

There's one reason why training simulations are a popular choice for team development training: they work. That's because they're an effective way to introduce the concept of synergy and help team members quickly develop vital group-process skills such as consensus decision making, problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution in a nonthreatening learning environment.

Each adventure simulation in HRDQ's Team Adventure Series starts with a suspense-filled scenario that challenges teams to work together to escape danger with only limited resources - and each other. While most people can rest assured knowing they'll never encounter these survival situations, they do experience the similar feelings of stress and conflict that accompany everyday organizational life.

The Vacation in the Keys Scenario
Disaster strikes a group of friends on a charter trip to the Florida Keys when their 43-foot sport-fishing boat suddenly explodes. In the blink of an eye, everyone - and everything - is thrown overboard. Stranded and disoriented, the group treads water in shock as their boat quickly disappears below the surface of the water. The good news is that everyone is able to swim to shore and except for one passenger, their injuries are relatively minor. Realizing rescue efforts could take up to a week, the group must work together to survive using only the supplies they pulled from the water.

How It Works
Following the introduction of the survival scenario, participants are challenged to rank 15 salvaged items - first as individuals and then a second time as a team. Participants compare their team scores to their best individual score and expert rationale to determine if synergy was achieved.

The two-hour workshop explores the concept of synergy and helps teams to develop vital group-process skills such as decision making and problem solving. The exercise also includes an introduction to three elements of synergy, a five-step problem-solving technique, four critical group maintenance skills, and the importance of consensus decision making.

Uses and Applications
  • Vacation in the Keys can be used as a standalone training instrument or incorporated into a more comprehensive program on team building. It's also effective as a component for problem-solving, decision-making, and interpersonal skills training programs. Use the survival simulation to:
  • Illustrate the concept of team synergy.
  • "Break the ice" among new or conflicted teams.
  • Give teams a nonthreatening opportunity to work together.
  • Help teams practice consensus decision making.
  • Improve active listening, probing, and confronting behaviors in a realistic setting.
  • Train team leaders in team facilitation skills.
  • Open or close a learning session.
  • Introduce an organizational change.
  • Interject a fun activity into an otherwise serious agenda.
  • Supplement outdoor experiential learning.
Learning Outcomes
  • Hone group problem-solving skills using a five-step process
  • Understand the critical interpersonal skills
  • Learn how groups make decisions
  • Discover the advantages of consensus decision making
  • Learn the three elements of synergy
Vacation in the Keys is an excellent training tool for any team, and it's particularly effective as an energizer or ice breaker at the beginning of a training program.

Target Audience: Team members at any level, especially those who work under pressure

Product Type: Simulation

Focus: Consensus decision making and decision making under pressure

Time Required for Administration: 15 minutes and Workshop: 2 hours

What to Order
  • Vacation in the Keys Facilitator Set: Order one per trainer
    • Table of Contents
    • Section 1: Getting Started
    • Section 2: Theoretical Background
    • Section 3: Workshop
    • Section 4: Facilitator'support
    • Section 5: Reproducible Masters
    • Section 6: Sample Participant Guide
Also Includes
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • Expert Rationale
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Alternative Training Design
  • Training Design Template

Vacation in the Keys Participant Guide: Order one per individual or participant
The participant guide includes the adventure scenario, pressure-sensitive scoring, background information, team worksheet, and how to improve team discussions.

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