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Neurolinguistic Communcation Profile - Second Edition

by James P. Eicher, John E. Jones, Ph.D., William L. Bearley, Ed.D., Tony Jeary, and Kevin Grant

The Neurolinguistic Communication Profile (NCP) assessment is based on Neurolinguistic Programming, an innovative and useful model emphasizing the relationship between an individual's thinking and their communication preference and the ability to establish rapport with another person. The NCP focuses on assessing sensory-based preferences (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) for taking in information, organizing it and communicating information to others and offers insights and practical tools for communicating more flexibly and effectively with others, regardless of their preferences.

The NCP serves as a guide for establishing rapport quickly with people whose communication "styles" differ from one's own. It can serve as a centerpiece for training on topics including management, coaching, teamwork, and sales.