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It's Okay to be the Boss

by Bruce Tulgan

Too many of today's supervisors, managers, and leaders are failing their staff and their organizations by "undermanaging." Falling victim to the empowerment craze of the last decade, they seem to have forgotten what it means to be the boss and are chronically undermanaging their employees. They do not take charge on the day-to-day business basics. They don't spell out expectations. They don't keep track of performance measurements. They don't correct mistakes or reward success.

Bruce Tulgan's message, "it's okay to be the boss," addresses the biggest problem in most workplaces - an undermanagement epidemic affecting managers at all levels of the organization and in all industries. It's Okay to be the Boss: The Management Workshop is a workshop that provides clear, step-by-step "back to basics" guidance for helping people in supervisory roles become the strong, highly-engaged managers who know how to position their employees for success.

The one-day workshop explains eight back-to-basics techniques that clearly show how managers at all levels can become capable and highly-engaged and develop the confidence and skills to:
  • Manage everyday and conduct effective regular one-one-ones with direct reports and others
  • Talk like a performance coach and communicate clearly and effectively
  • Work effectively with each direct report individually and acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses
  • Create an environment that holds employees accountable
  • Make expectations of employees clear by telling people what to do and how to do it
  • Monitor, measure, and document employee performance
  • Solve small problems before they become big problems
  • Tie rewards to performance