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GO Team Reproducible Library

Powering Team Performance David Hutchens & Susan Gerke

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GO Team! Collection

Whether you are a leader within an organization or a facilitator who serves multiple clients, GO Team is your Swiss army knife of team development. GO Team equips you with powerful learning opportunities on a broad range of team-related topics. It doesn't matter what kind of organization you work with. Whether you are part of a Fortune 100 global corporation, a small school board, or a local government agency, GO Team will equip any intact team held accountable to a common purpose.

With 18 team-critical topics, GO Team is a complete team-training resource that supports all kinds of teams, including brand new teams as well as teams that have been together for a while. It's a just in time training resource, which means that you select the module that is most urgent to the team, right now – kind of like delivering an antibiotic directly at the point of need.

GO Team is a library of 18 team-focused topics (or modules), divided into three levels.

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Level 1: Setup for Success.
These are the fundamentals of teamwork. But don't assume these are for "beginner" teams! Many experienced teams find that they have never worked through these important teambuilding blocks. ("Oh, so maybe that's why we've been struggling...!")
Level 2: Go Team!
Some issues just seem to pop up every day in the work with the team. These are the core topics that come with the territory.
Level 3: See You at the Top.
Ready for high performance? These topics aren't only for mature teams; they're for any team that wishes to unleash the "group genius" that is a unique product of teams.

Each module of GO Team takes between two and four hours to complete, and requires very little setup. Don't have a training room? No worries. Have the team take a long lunch in the break room and work through a module of GO Team together! There are no PowerPoints, and no lectures. All of the learning is active, dialogue based, and driven by the members of the team.

GO Team Sample

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Training a group of leaders? Get only the modules you need with the Team Leader Library. A set of modules focusing on leadership.

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