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Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA)

by Wendy Gordin, Derek Mann, Peter Papagodiannis, and Steven Stein

The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) is a training tool that promotes individual and organizational success. Designed for management development training, the EISA measures adult emotional intelligence on five scales: perceiving, managing, decision making, achieving, and influencing. This emotional intelligence assessment can be used as a standalone training resource or powerful complement to address leadership development, team building, and communication effectiveness.

Going steps beyond traditional emotional intelligence assessments, the EISA combines a self-assessment with a workbook and workshop to quickly identify emotional intelligence levels and provide a framework for discussion and growth. From new hires to senior managers, this tool can help anyone develop their emotional intelligence and improve their performance. It's more than a measure of potential and performance; it's a tool for true personal development.