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Decision Making Style Inventory

by William Coscarelli

The Decision-Making Style Inventory is an assessment for management development training. It identifies one's preference for one of four decision-making styles and then helps individuals learn how to use their style to communicate most effectively with others.

Recent research into decision-making suggests that the most effective leaders are those who are able to adapt their decision-making style over time as their roles and responsibilities change. The Decision-Making Style Inventory is a proven, easy-to-understand way to assess decision-making style. It identifies a personal preference for one of four styles: systematic-internal, systematic-external, spontaneous-internal, or spontaneous-external.

What makes The Decision-Making Style Inventory different is that it doesn't measure who is smart or dumb, right or wrong. Rather, it's about how individuals differ in the way they gather information, organize, and then process it. The assessment is a powerful tool that has many applications, including leadership training, coaching, and performance appraisals.