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Cave Without a Name

by Rollin Glaser

There's one reason why training simulations are a popular choice for team development training - it's because they work. They're an effective way to introduce the concept of synergy and help team members quickly develop vital group-process skills such as consensus decision making, problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution in a nonthreatening learning environment.

Each adventure simulation in HRDQ's Team Adventure Series starts with a suspense-filled scenario that challenges teams to work together to escape danger with only limited resources - and each other. While most people can rest assured knowing they'll never encounter these survival situations, they do experience the similar feelings of stress and conflict that accompany everyday organizational life.

The Cave Without a Name Scenario

It started innocently enough. A group of tourists enters a living cave near the Guadalupe River in Texas. Amazed by the fascinating rock formations and mysterious passageways, the group descends deep into unexplored territory when suddenly they hear a loud sound: "Shoof!" Before they can react, the caverns are consumed by a rush of water. The lights go dark, and now the group huddles in terror as they realize they're trapped with no obvious way out.

Cave Without a Name is an excellent training tool for any team, especially those that need to make group decisions on a regular basis.