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To interact effectively with the world around us we need to be aware of how we approach situations, what we present to others and be able to interpret how we will be perceived by others. This self-awareness improves our cognitive functions, increases our productivity and enhances our relationships. Haply provides assessment tools that are ideal for individuals, teams and whole organizations. We will work with you to select and implement the best solution for your needs.

There are a wide variety of assessment types including Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Leadership, Stress, Supervisory Skills and more. Individuals can take self-assessments to address their own skills and Haply can help administer larger sets of assessments to organizations. Facilitation Sets are available for in-house instructors or Haply can provide facilitation services. No matter the combination, Haply wants to partner with you to achieve your goals.

Individuals: If you are looking to take an assessment for yourself, Haply will administer it for you. Simply add to cart and we will contact you with the assessment link and provide report.

Groups/Teams: Are you wanting a team or group of people to take the assessment. Add the assessments to your cart, if you have chosen electronic assessments - Haply will be in touch to set up the process. (Please note, that 1 facilitation set should be purchased for report debriefing. Haply is also available to facilitate debrief sessions for you.)

Organizations: Would you like to administer an assessment on an on-going basis? Contact us and we can create administer accounts for you to administer electronic assessments as needed. This works great for on-boarding, leadership, and retention programs.