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You are never too small to start HR best practices.

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Starting growing your business is an exciting time. While creating new products to sell, marketing your goods to customers and launching the next great idea, the back-of-house structures are an afterthought.

Zoho People

Zoho People provides you a platform to get your HR systems started off right. Zoho People allows you to:

  • Create and post policies to an intranet
  • track time and attendance to ease payroll,
  • Schedule employees,
  • Start performance management programs
  • Provide Employee Self-Service - Accessible through a mobile app.

Haply is now a referral partner for Zoho People. The product innovation and customer support makes us proud to recommend it as one of the best comprehensive services. See our Zoho People page to learn more about our Haply's services for Zoho People, learn more about the features.

Contact us to sign up for a demo or free trial or sign-up through our referral page.

Zoho Referral Partner

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