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“Come work for us! We are all the most successful, supportive, overachievers you have ever met, we strive for perfection 24/7 and we want you to show your perfection too. For your perfection, we provide perks that we expect you to be eternally grateful for and we pay a competitive wage so that you have no right to complain. You should be smiling, engaged and able to perform at 100% because we believe we are all winners. If this is your attitude, you should want to be part of our team.”

Happy Sad

Comments like these, maybe not quite as embellished, were peppered throughout a variety of job postings recently. These statements can bring forth an image of a high performance, fast-paced environments and are meant to reflect the type of worker desired.

But can these words of “perfection” have a negative impact?

  • Does this environment project a safe environment for criticism, negative feedback?
  • Can people operate at 100% all the time? Would anyone self-eliminate because they feel they cannot operate at 100% all the time? (Have organizations gone a little overboard on engagement?)
  • How much pressure is applied to employees not at this level of dedication?

These observations and thoughts to ponder came about after reading “Our pursuit of happiness makes us sad.” bySusanna Cornelius for University of Melbourne.

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