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Should we be funding 70-20-10 at a 10-20-70 level?


The 70-20-10 model has become well known as a guideline in learning and development circles. The basic premise being that 70% of learning occurs in experience and tough jobs while only 10% comes from reading and courses.


While this post isn't to debate the accuracy or relevance of this theory, I want to use it as a thought generator on the types of activities and the resources that learning & development groups invest.

What percentage of your organization's learning resources are directed to the learning management systems, custom course creation, video production, learning website or training and development staff? Those resources are part of the 10% of formal courses/events where the learning takes place.

Is this simply a matter of cost? Those items may cost more than the informal activities but is it purposeful direction of resources? There may not be a right or standard answer to this question but currently there appears to be a bias of funding heavily directed to the formal learning activities.

This bias also plays out in the market. The products available focus on learning events and there tend to be less (or less obvious) tools being created for the informal learning. In moving forward, it is important to be sure that there are resources for the informal learning if we believe that it is where most of the learning takes place.

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