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70% of Change Initiatives Fail

70% of learning is on-the-job, 20% of learning is from others and 10% of learning is from formal classroom activities. 

These big statements, and many others, are really good marketing tools, but don't hold up to much scrutiny. (This doesn't mean they can't start a conversation or inspire you to make a change, just be aware of how much power you give them.) 

These statements are used to inspire hiring someone who knows more about change or is an expert on the 70-20-10 model. But before you jump, question your provider to determine if these slogans fit your objectives and how the provider will truly adopt to your needs and goals as opposed to focusing on fitting you into their model. This is true when looking at any provider.

I have linked to an article for each of these statements that do a great job of asking some critical thinking questions at these slogans:

Talk with your provider to find clarity. Just because it gets big headlines doesn't mean it will stand up to much scrutiny.


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