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Reusable Learning Object Methodology - A tool for Consultants


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The blog post - Reusable Learning Object Methodology - A Way to Design Blended Learning from the MATRIX blog is a great overview of the methodology for training and education.

This methodology and the use of a Learning Management System can also be a powerful tool for consultants when working with clients.

Reusable Learning Objects for consultants may include:

  • Brainstorming activities

  • Discussion topics

  • Knowledge Shares (methods, theories and discourse)

  • Consulting Processes

  • Information gathering tools - survey's assessments etc.

 When these are created in a format that is reusable, self-contained and easily aggregated through a LMS, a consultant is able to quickly develop and implement their consulting processes for their interaction with the client.

A flexible LMS combines the implementation of RLOs with custom and modified content. This provides context and relevant details. Time is saved because the “content' has already been completed and is readily available.

Have you been reusing content and activities in your consultation practice?

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