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Product Highlight - Remarkable Leadership

Product Highlight

Remarkable Leadership

Leadership for your new supervisors, or any staff working on their professional development can be difficult to find and costly. Today, I received a post card for such a program with the price of $2,445. 

The Remarkable Leadership Program is a twelve module program that you can bring into your organization for 75% less than sending one employee to a similar public workshop. Additional benefits include:

  • Modules can be delivered over time with activities to re-enforce the learning.
  • Use only a few or all of the modules as needed.
  • Managers can work with direct reports on their learning.
  • Create cohorts of learners as you develop your staff.
  • No travel, hotel or lodging expenses.

Compare the topics offered in the 3-day workshop to The Remarkable Leadership Program:

 Remarkable Leadership 3-Day Training Program
Championing Change Role of Manager
Communicating Powerfully Effective Communication
Building Relationships Performance Improvement
Developing Others Delegation for Growth and Development
Focusing on Customers Motivating
Influencing With Impact Art of Influencing Others
Thinking and Acting Innovatively
Valuing Collaboration and Teamwork
Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Taking Responsibility and Accountability
Managing Projects and Processes Successfully
Setting Goals and Supporting Goal Setting


Check out the full details on The Remarkable Leadership Program or contact us. Haply is also available to facilitate this program for your organization.

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