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Haply is now a Zoho Referral Partner!

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Zoho Referral Partner

Haply runs on ZOHO.

Zoho offers a great selection of SaaS products living up to their tag line "The operating system for business".  I have been an advocate of their services in the past to anyone that would listen and now I have made it official.

In addition to referring the products, Haply will also be offering set-up/administrative services for a variety of Zoho products (watch for future announcements). This will be ideal for small and growing companies that want to meet their employees needs but can't yet hire a HR person full time.

To learn more about the following services, select the best products for your needs and get set up on free demos - contact us today.

Zoho Services:

People: Your complete HR solution
Recruit: Applicant Tracking System
Workplace: All the tools you need to create, collaborate and communicate with your team
Connect: Easily create Internal or External networks
CRMPlus: CRM, project management and more!

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