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Are you Forgetting the 1 Key Course Authoring Tool?


LMS Authoring

“How to get the most out of Captivate.”
“10 Tricks to using Articulate.”
“My LMS has the best course authoring software”

Wait. Wait. Did that last line really get in there? (Well, I guess I did put it there). Yes, that was written on purpose. 

Course authoring software has become very sophisticated and can create elaborate and sophisticated courses with a wealth of interaction. But don't forget the course authoring tools in your LMS may also be completely capable of creating relevant and engaging training. 

The power of the LMS authoring tool will vary for each system. Below are a few advantages of using the system's resources instead of a third-party tool.


Many modern (usually web-based) learning management systems allow you to set permissions down to a personal level. By designating individuals throughout departments and divisions to create or update training material it becomes an integrated into the daily process and culture of the group. This can help eliminate department silos and can ensure relevant versions of training are provided at the correct level.

Create the e-learning directly in a client's system ensures they will have the ability to modify and make adjustments in the future without having to worry about source files and updates in third-party software.

Employee Content

Encourage the creation of content by staff. Encourage them to create training material, whether it is short videos, screencasts, job aids or even complete training modules. While some organizations are overly concerned with how elegant their training looks, or how many “clicks” an employee makes to show engagement, basic content that is relevant content has been up to 5 times more prevalent. It was deemed more relevant, focused and was easier to use in “just-in-time situations”.

Ease of Changes

Employees are the first to find training material that needs an update. Whether an error or an information update due to business or system changes, an employee that can either make the change or be recognized for referring it to the person in their department that can, will see an improvement in their awareness of the training itself. (The goal of employees capable of training each other.)


What is your learning culture? Is your learning culture defined as staff choosing to attend training programs or is it defined by them investing, learning, and sharing their knowledge with co-workers in an on-going fashion? By providing access to the platform and increasing ownership in the production, dissemination, and utilization of the content a learning culture.

These are a few of the benefits of using the LMS's authoring tool. (Please note that I am a reseller of the MATRIX LMS and its authoring tool).

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